Poetry to Inspire

Transform Your Writing


Webinars and tele-summits

are effective in many ways.

They get their messages across

without intruding in your busy days.

You can listen at your convenience,

take notes for reference,

feel the presence of presenters

without incurring travel expense.

I’ve been tuning in to hear

transformational authors speak,

presented by Christine Kloser,

it’s been an enlightening two weeks.

I’ve learned so many useful tools

to use while writing books:

importance of knowing who, what, why,

and how the book cover looks.

“Why you?” “Why this book?” “Why now?”

are questions Christine addressed.

She interviewed powerful people

who had secret tidbits they confessed.

Writing’s only part of the process,

and often the easiest part.

Getting it out there’s a big challenge

and must be done with one’s whole heart.

So many tools available

when a writer is sincere.

Check transfortmationalauthor.com

to help make your process more clear.

Thanks Christine

Jean Kay

Website www.poetrytoinspire.com

YouTube videos http://goo.gl/tTC3g

Pinterest channel https://pinterest.com/jeankaypoet/

CAA webpages www.canauthorsvancouver.org/kay

My book Morning Light on Amazon  http://su.pr/2eIR9B


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