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WORD Vancouver Today

WORD Vancouver Today


Windy, wet, bone-chilling weather

but because of it Good News!

WORD Vancouver is moving indoors

I’m grateful to those who could choose.


It’s no fun manning display tables

when you’re fighting cold winds and rain.

I wasn’t looking forward to going

but I am enthused again.


I’m participating in several ways:

setting up the Canadian Authors display,

manning their table, selling my books,

then exploring other venues mid-day.


As Conference Assistant for SiWC,

I’ll be at their table a while,

giving out info on the conference

and definitely wearing a smile.


WORD will be a more intimate event,

which I hope they will keep indoor.

It will give people more of a market-place feel

and they’ll take more time to explore.


WORD Vancouver Today –

come by for a visit.


Jean Kay




Beyond the Blue
Off in two different directions
my sons chose for their lives,
both now grownup and successful,
happily married to good wives.
I sent my love along with them
and it keeps on coming back,
like my own private jet stream
across blue skies, or storms of black.
Up and down, in and out,
life experiences flow.
Parents can only stand by and watch,
with trust, as our offspring grow.
Jean Kay


Gardener’s Gift


I have a grassy looking plant
in one of my flower beds.
I’ve watered it all summer
as other plants raised flowering heads.

To my surprise and sheer delight,
this week, a flower appeared
and it happens to be my favorite –
golden Freesia – I almost cheered.

I’ve grown them in a greenhouse,
enjoyed them in a bouquet,
but to have them growing in my garden
is more than just okay.

It’s like an end of summer gift
my reward for taking care
of it and other plants around,
not knowing what was hiding there.

A Japanese Maple didn’t survive
last winter in that same bed;
I guess it shaded the Freesia so much
it couldn’t raise a flowering head.

I am blessed.
Jean Kay
September 18, 2013

Freesia by Jean Kay

Freesia by Jean Kay

Canada Korea Literary Festival

Canada Korea Literary Festival


At the Canada Korea Literary Festival,

a well organized, professional event,

I had the privilege of reciting

and I’m very pleased I went.


A comprehensive printed program

in both languages, was provided,

(a souvenir worth keeping)

as through the evening we were guided.


The evening started with a reception,

very tasty food had been prepared.

Then, stories, poems, music, dance

and videos were all shared.


I haven’t heard much Korean spoken before,

I find it has a pleasing flow,

melodious sounds, soft-spoken.

It would be difficult for me to learn, I know.


Background music and slide shows

accompanied each performer.

Many hours spent putting it all together

had created an atmosphere much warmer.


My poem “Sixty Years Young”,

from my book Morning Light,

was translated into Korean

and a lovely lady was there to recite.


I think the two boys may have stolen the show –

wonderful talent – reciting and singing.

Then our MC surprised us all

when his powerful voice turned to singing.


Congratulations, KWAC!

It was a most enjoyable evening out

combining cultures and languages –

that’s what Canada is all about.


Jean Kay



KWAC – Korean Writers Association of Canada

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