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Expressing Love


What does the word ‘love’ mean to us?
How do we express it each day?
Connotations are not just romantic,
we reflect love in our unique way.

Parental love is powerful –
supportive, protective, ongoing.
We love through wins and losses
as we watch our offspring growing.

Grandparent love is special,
we didn’t know we could love that much.
It’s a mutual, endearing bond
which starts with our first touch.

We love our friends and associates
who are there for us each day –
people we can rely on
when things are not going our way.

We may love our job or career.
It’s what we do but not who we are.
It vibrates through our talents and skills
and becomes part of our memoir.

Love of nature is important
appreciating all that’s around –
wondrous plants, trees, birds and animals
which all over earth abound.

Express love every way you can
to everyone you know or meet.
Love is the most powerful tool we have
and it makes our lives complete.

Happy Valentine’s and every day

Jean Kay

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Love is Action

Love is Action

WHO I AM – poem by Jean Kay

Day 30 of NaPoWrMo – the final day of an interesting process. I chose to share a poem I wrote on January 31, 2013


 All of us are multi-layered,

a complex, unique mixture;

ever-changing, growing and learning,

never a permanent fixture.


Who we are is a perception

to others, of what they see:

our job, our skill, our relationships,

but is that truly you and me?


Do I know who I really am?

Am I sure who I’m meant to be?

Have I allowed others expectations

to mold my personality?


Nobody knows what I’m thinking,

nor what I’m about to say.

Only God knows my inner thoughts

and hears when I silently pray.


I’m a unique individual

on whom gifts have been bestowed,

and talents I’m to share with the world

before I reach the end of my road.


That’s who I am.


Jean Kay

January 31, 2013

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Love is Important

Love is ImportantHappy Valentine’s Day.  Leave a comment below.

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